Our brief “Fiesta Medals – Promoting Your Message” video will give you the basic information you need to design a Fiesta medal that will get your message out into the San Antonio community.

Fiesta medals are, at their very core, promotional products.  Medals are a unique way to get your message, promote your organization or association to the city.  For a very narrow period of time, April 14th – 24th, 2016, your group has the amazing ability to have Fiesta-goers sharing your message or mission all over the Alamo City!  Our video discusses the importance of using this opportunity to spread the word – in a fun, creative and exciting way!

Fiesta medal_QVC_2015More importantly – your design will determine how many medals you sell and how many people will choose to wear your medals year after year!

As the highest rated Fiesta medal company in San Antonio – we are experts in medal design.  Let one of Fiesta medal team help you with your design this year!