Peter (PW) Atkinson was missing for 75 years. When the family was notified that he would be coming home, our feelings were a mix of relief and joy. Michelle [at Celebrate Excellence] worked with our hand-drawn image and the concepts we wanted on a coin honoring PW and his younger brother, Robert, who had been MIA during WWII. One side for PW and his AVG Flying Tiger service and the other for Robert’s service with the USAF Flying Tigers.

Their artist worked with me when I decided to change a few things. Within an hour I had an email with three fonts to chose from and choices of three different backgrounds and colors. The coins arrived two days before the expected date. Our family will treasure their beautiful Atkinson Brothers Memorial Coin and pass them on to our children. The pilots who flew a missing man formation during the funeral service had not seen a more meaningful coin and asked for contact information for their Squadron. HAND SALUTE to Celebrate Excellence.

CW5 (ret) USA

Celebrate Excellence Flying Tiger Challenge Coins | San Antonio Texas
Coin honors (2) MIA brothers from WWII