Celebrate Excellence Guitar Coin | San Antonio Texas

Any coin that is not circular is considered die cut. These shapes can be dog tags, ovals, shield-shaped, etc. Coins shaped like states are good examples of die cut coins. Any spinner coins are also die cut. If an opening is cut through the coin, it is considered a special die cut. Each hole in the coin will be finished having the edging hand-polished.

Our coins are made of high-quality brass and electroplated and shined to a beautiful finish. We use both skilled artisans and computerized CAD artwork to create all 3-D areas of our coins. We also employee in-house graphic design artists to help you with your coins. We will take your rough sketch, scanned image or virtually any format for your emblems and create a unique design for your team.

While we have an online presence, we are not simply an internet challenge coin company. We maintain a 1700 sq showroom and coin design center in Military City USA – San Antonio, TX. Our first challenge coin customers were based at JBSA – Lackland AFB. We have now shipped coins to almost every Air Force installation both domestically and internationally. We are active members of our community

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